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Cocktails, Gelato & Beer, Eventually, for Caffe Calabria

A reader spotted an ABC notice in the window at Caffe Calabria, which prompted us to check in with the coffee shop on the progress of their in-house brewery.

It's still happening, albeit very slowly, according to Caffe Calabria's production manager Joey Cox, who will also handle the beer brewing. Cox says that their basement brewery should come online by early 2015, but meanwhile, they're adding eight beer taps that'll start pouring shortly.

The new gelateria designated for the front of the cafe is still in the works, as is a currently-under-construction coffee bar being built in their upstairs office area, which will serve as an event space and offer coffee-based cocktails in addition to espresso drinks.
· Caffe Calabria [Official Site]

Caffe Calabria

3933 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 291-1759