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Little Italy Eatery Plans Seafood-Focused Latin Menu

A kind reader sent us a photo of La Sirena, a new restaurant set to open by the end of the month in the base of the Villa Cusma apartment building in Little Italy.

The 65-seat restaurant will specialize in Latin cuisine, with a seafood focus; there will be Mexican ceviche but also variations from Chile and Peru. An all-day raw bar menu will include barely-cured fish dishes called tiraditos and multiple preparations of oysters.

Two South American chefs will be in the kitchen, Jaime Chavez who has worked at large local hotel properties and Francisco Castallon (Cafe Chloe, George's at the Cove); Castallon has his own urban farm which will be supplying some of the restaurant's produce and they'll be working with other farms and local fisherman to source their menu.

They'll start off with just beer and wine, but eventually add craft cocktails inspired by Latin ingredients.
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La Sirena

1901 Columbia St San Diego, CA 92101