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ACME Southern Kitchen Says So Long to the East Village

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Chef/owner Terryl Gavre (Cafe 222, Bankers Hill) just announced the closing of her ACME Southern Kitchen, which opened in January.

Regarding the East Village eatery's shutter, Gavre says "It is heartbreaking to share that I am closing ACME Southern Kitchen. It was so much fun to put together and I have such a love for the cuisine and lifestyle of the South. Our Yelp reviews are solid and we have a such a great group of regulars that love our food. Unfortunately, the group of people who love Southern food on a regular basis is just too small, and I have come to the conclusion that not all San Diegans eat like I do! The good news is that the neighborhood is awesome, as we see it firsthand at Bake Sale Bakery, where we have been selling out on a daily basis since we opened less than a month ago. There may be a new concept at that location in the very near future… but I will need to catch up on my sleep first."
· ACME Southern Kitchen [Facebook]

[Photo: Cebulski]

ACME Southern Kitchen

901 E Street San Diego CA 92101