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Local Coffee Roaster To Go Brick-and-Mortar Downtown

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Courtesy photo: (L to R): Partners James Rauh, Andrew Karr, Paul Reizen

A welcome alternative to Starbucks on its way to fuel downtown. WestBean, a local craft coffee company with a roastery on Mission Gorge, is opening up its first storefront on Broadway this September.

Currently a wholesaler to restaurants (Cafe Chloe, Alchemy) and coffee shops throughout San Diego, WestBean is working with BASILE Studio (Ironside Fish & Oyster, Bankers Hill) to build its debut brick-and-mortar in a 700-square-foot space on a busy stretch of west Broadway.

Partner James Rauh likes the locale, calling it "a rare small space in a very high volume area with a fast-paced business crowd," sandwiched between The US Grant and The Westgate hotels.

The shop will boast a few different specialty coffee brewing methods, including Kalita Wave pour-overs, as well include a wall of tap handles for cold-brew coffee.

Along with coffee, Rauh says the shop will sell a custom line of pastries and small-sized food options geared for the "on the go" downtown crowd.

-Tierney Plumb
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240 Broadway San Diego, CA 92101