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Venissimo Cheese To Move Into North Park's Bottlecraft

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Another well-respected local food business is switching places with JUKE, the eatery inside at North Park's Bottlecraft Beer Shop which recently went dormant.

JUKE's founders are shuttering the eatery to focus on their booming catering business, and Venissimo Cheese, which has stores in Mission Hills, Del Mar and downtown in The Headquarters, will be taking over the space in the back of the beer store. Bottlecraft is still working on allowing for on-site beer tasting but Venissimo owner Gina Frieze tells Eater that they hope to launch the cheese section by early August ; a partnership with Bottlecraft's Little Italy location may also be in the works.
· Venissimo Cheese [Official Site]
· Bottlecraft Beer Shop [Official Site]

Bottlecraft Beer Shop

3007 University Ave San Diego, CA 92104