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The Latest on The Heart & Trotter's North Park Butchery

We've come to the final day of The Five Days of Meat, thanks for reading!

Curious Eater readers have asked for an update on The Heart & Trotter's new butchery in North Park, where they secured a site earlier this spring.

The storefront is on track for a late August or early September opening, and The Heart & Trotter is still planning on serving food (prepared by their chef Lhasa Landry), building out a patio and applying for a beer and wine license.

The butchery will be working directly with ranches to supply them with whole animals, including Dey Dey's Best Beef in Lompoc, which specializes in organic, grass-fed beef. In honor of The Five Days of Meat, we asked the duo to share five lesser-seen cuts that you'll be able to buy at the shop.

1. Coulotte steak aka Brazilian Picanha aka the top sirloin cap. This is an amazing cut of beef that can be used as a roast or as steaks. They are well marbled and can be seared to a nice medium rare or cooked on a rotisserie churrascaria style. There are only about 3 pounds of this cut on a steer. $18.99/lb

2. Blade Steak - This steak, which lies flat on the shoulder blade of the steer is a hidden gem; it's tender, lean, and flavorful. A little salt and a nice sear is all you need. There are only 2 of these 1 pound steaks on the animal. $16.99/lb

3. Velvet steak - This is a silky smooth, lean flat cut that is located right above the hind shank. It's similar to a flank steak and great seared with and served with chimichurri or marinated for tacos. There are only two 1 lbs velvets on the animal. $18.99/lb

4. Oyster Steak - The yster steak is the butcher's secret. It sits right in the curvature of the hip bone where it stays inactive, resulting in a nice little 1/2 lb tender steak that literately looks like an oyster. $18.99/lb

5. Faux Tender or Petite filet. This small 1.5 pound steak is as tender at the tenderloin but has much more flavor; it's located alongside the shoulder blade and is a tube shaped muscle closely resembling its big brother. Because of the size, you'd typically sear the whole muscle and slice it into medallions much like a pork tenderloin. $23.99/lb
The Heart & Trotter [Official Site]

The Heart & Trotter Butchery

2855 El Cajon Blvd Suite #1 San Diego, 92104