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Tacos Perla Sets Date for Debut in North Park

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The LWP Group's Tacos Perla has finally fired up the kitchen in their new North Park taqueria, where they're gearing up for an official opening on Tuesday, June 24.

The North Park menu of traditional (carne asada, adobada) and non-traditional (smoked albacore, braised octopus) tacos is augmented by homemade aguas frescas, local beers and a mango-infused michelada; an abridged version of the menu will pop up poolside, weekly at The Pearl, for their Day Bar Saturdays through the summer.

To commemorate their opening and to honor the World Cup, Tacos Perla is planning to give away 1,000 tacos if either Mexico or the U.S. wins the tournament.
Tacos Perla [Official Site]

Tacos Perla

3000 Upas Street, Suite 105 San Diego, California 92104

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