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Who Has Intel on This North Park Restaurant?

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Eater's sleuthing skills combined with our stellar sources can usually suss out the scoop on new restaurant, but our tipline is flooded with questions about a project that remains a mystery.

Have you seen the restaurant that's been in construction for ages at 3803 32nd Street and North Park Way? When Eater looked into it last summer, we were able to determine that it would be a new sit-down eatery from the owners of Panchita's Bakery, which runs three shops in San Diego.

Since then, the buildout seems to be moving at a snail's pace and no one we've talked to at Panchita's seems to know when it will open. So, on behalf of curious readers, we're reaching out to the Eater street team (that means you); have any new intel on this project? Drop it in the comments or send us a note. Thanks!
· Panchita's Bakery [Official Site]
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