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East Village's Cat Eye Club Takes Turn Towards Tiki

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[Photo: Mike Newton]

Good Time Design's had a busy year, what with launching Moonshine Flats and picking up new projects in the East Village, Liberty Station and Little Italy. So after opening the Cat Eye Club last February, the hospitality group has refocused on the cocktail lounge, "tiki-fying" the East Village bar in the aloha style befitting the '50s and '60.

Tonight, they'll launch an entirely new food and drink menu that mixes classic cocktails with tropical tiki drinks, including a flaming scorpion bowl (on special on Thursdays for $15), a tequila and mezcal twist called the Baja Pipeline and the Tourmaline Typhoon, which holds four ounces of Ballast Point Spirits' aged rum and white rum and is so potent that there's a limit of two per person. Of course there's a pupu platter, and chef Todd Nash's version holds teriyaki steak and chicken skewers, garlic-chile shrimp skewers, spring rolls and crab rangoon wontons.

Managing partner Frank Miller says that Cat Eye will remain in tiki mode through the summer but come fall, the menu and theme may stay within the era but make a seasonal shift towards aperitif cocktails and fondue.

Cat Eye Menu