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Why Tasia Malakasis Chose Cheese

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In partnership with Don Julio Tequila's Collective—a series of profiles of contemporary visionaries, craftsman and artists, who have made bold moves in the pursuit of their passion—Eater profiled three innovators who made drastic career changes to realize their passion for food. See those stories unfold here, and meet the rest of the collective this way. >>Tasia Malakasis wasn't always an award-winning cheese maker. Growing up in Alabama, she spent her years trying to leave her hometown. She succeeded when she embarked on a 15-year stint working in the tech space in New York and Silicon Valley. But eventually, it was her love of food that brought her back to Alabama to learn the art of cheese-making. She is now owner and president of Belle Chevre, the shop that defines her passion for bringing people together through food.

In the video above, find out about how Tasia made a drastic career change and the challenges she overcame to realize her dream.