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Hamilton's Owner Planning New Brewpub in South Park

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Oh South Park, how lucky are you? Scot Blair (Small Bar, Monkey Paw) has a grand new project underway that promises to bring new beer and food to the neighborhood.

Four years ago, Blair intended to establish his first brewpub next to his landmark craft beer bar, Hamilton's Tavern, on 30th Street. Instead, circumstances led him to open Monkey Paw Pub and Brewery in the East Village.

Though he considered expansion into Portland or Seattle, Blair is now moving forward with his original goal and building his South Park Brewing Company in an 4,800-foot-space adjacent to Hamilton's; he'll knock out the wall of Hamilton's Cafe and take over all the storefronts which sit between his bar and Alchemy Restaurant.

The new family-friendly brewpub, which is planned to open at the end of the year, will encompass the Hamilton's Cafe annex, a patio and a Monkey Paw's current 5BBL brewhouse, which is being replaced by Premier Stainless with a new 10BBL system.

Blair's wife Karen, who oversees the food for all their eateries, is developing a casual, all-seafood menu for the new brewery restaurant that will include fish sandwiches, tacos and soups.

Blair told Eater that South Park Brewing Company will most likely have 15 handles, with five dedicated to house beers and the rest for guest taps, including Monkey Paw. He'll be brewing some of the core beers himself, which could include an 80/- Scottish ale, an IPA, stout and a wheat beer. Monkey Paw's GABF gold medal-winning brewer, Cosimo Sorrentino might also assist. Blair says the beers will be created with food, especially seafood, in mind.

South Park Brewing Company will work with Catalina Offshore, a local seafood distributor, for its dishes which may include fish burgers, sashimi ceviche and Baja-influenced oysters with soy and sesame. The brewpub will also have a small fish market, selling filets and house made smoked fish.
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