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The Story Behind This Ridiculous Pizza Prank Video

For his birthday last year, San Diego photographer Tim King decided to throw an "Eyes Wide Shut" dinner party for a group of his closest friends. He swears to Eater that the idea to pull a prank on their pizza delivery guy didn't come together until 20 minutes before the order from his favorite local pizzeria, Hoboken Pizza and Beer Joint, was due to arrive.

Wearing black robes and masks, they started the camera rolling, set the scene with candles and pulled up the "monk chant" station on Pandora. Impressively, the men were able to keep it together throughout the three minute video, even through the ridiculous "presenting of the tip" ceremony.

The unsuspecting delivery guy, Eric Stoller, has worked at Hoboken for three years, and told Eater that at first he wasn't quite sure if he wanted to be there but decided to just go for it and play along, figuring that it was part of a fraternity thing. He says the prank was the second weirdest and craziest thing to happen to him on a pizza delivery; the first involved a bachelor party, and strippers.

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Hoboken Pizza and Beer Joint

1459 Garnet Ave, Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA 92109 (858) 270-7766