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Malahat To Launch With Rum, Readies Tasting Room

On behalf of some thirsty Eater readers, we checked in with Malahat Sprits Co., who are nearing the finish line in their transformation of a Miramar industrial space into a unique craft distillery and tasting room experience.

Owners and co-distillers Ken Lee, Tom Bleakley and Tony Grillo say that their first products should be ready by spring and their tasting room opening will coincide the bottles' release.

Under the new law, distilleries can serve up to six different samples; Malahat also plans to offer tasting room-only infusions of their flagship rums, which will include a white rum and a spiced rum, followed by an aged rum after it emerges from a long slumber in the barrels.

Though they're still determining the specifics, the tasting room will likely begin by opening on the weekend, by appointment only.

Michael Soriano (Onairos Design) is charged with setting the scene, which will begin via an entryway maze depicting the history of The Malahat, a schooner which smuggled spirits to SoCal during Prohibition. Other features include a barrel wall of lights and a dramatic "cathedral" table flanked by tall towers of stacked barrels.
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