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Cowboy Star to Take Steakhouse Brand to Colorado

Meat lovers hoping that Cowboy Star's expansion plans included another steakhouse in San Diego will have to hold their horses. Their next location will be in the city of Colorado Springs.

Why Colorado? Eater chatted with executive chef Victor Jimenez, who told us that a Coloroado-based development group dined at the East Village restaurant while in town for a conference, fell in love with the concept, and convinced owners Jon and Angie Weber to take the brand over the Rocky Mountains.

The new Cowboy Star will look similar to the San Diego version; the original architect, Matthew Ellis of Blue Motif Architecture, is signed on for the Colorado project.

Chef Jimenez will also oversee the Colorado kitchen, and said that he's excited to work in a place with more defined seasons; he plans to adjust the menu to fit local sensibilities.
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Cowboy Star

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