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North Park's New Donut Destination is Now Open

Nomad Donuts soft opens.

A place where all your fried dough fantasies can come true, Nomad Donuts has softly opened in North Park; it's the first of two different donut shops that will debut on 30th Street this year.

Co-owners Cameron Corley and Brad Keiller's 850-square-foot storefront specializes in donuts with sophisticated flavor combinations, courtesy of their restaurant-trained pastry chef.

The menu, which changes daily, includes yeast donuts, cake donuts, fritters and donut holes in flavors that range from pomegranate-rosewater and strawberry, basil and balsamic to poached pear, blue cheese and caramelized onions; for the traditionalists, there are also classics like maple and chocolate old fashions. Nomad Donuts even takes donut flavor suggestions; if they choose your flavor, they'll name the donut after you.

The shop also bakes up different varieties of biscotti for dunking into coffee, according to Zagat, the drinks make with Zumbar Coffee are one of the best reasons to visit.

Nomad Donuts

3102 University Avenue, , CA 92104 (619) 431-5000 Visit Website