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San Diegans Make Imbibe Magazine's List of Notable Beverage Pros

Local experts in juice, beer and wine get the nod.

Juice Saves' Lindsay Nader
Juice Saves' Lindsay Nader

Imbibe Magazine's first issue of the new year is dedicated to the "Imbibe 75", an annual list of "people, places and flavors that will shape the way you drink in 2015".

Among their people to watch, as chosen by the nation's leading beverage pros, is Lindsay Nader, co-owner of Juice Saves. Nader, who shared some juicing tips with the magazine, is in process of moving her juice bar into new East Village digs, where it will share space with Coffee & Tea Collective when it relaunches in January.

Also on the list is Jeff Bagby, the decorated brewer who made news this year when he embarked on his first solo project, Bagby Beer Company, a sprawling brewery, restaurant and beer playground in Oceanside.

Wine was represented too, by Le Metro's Aaron Epstein, whose subscription-based, not-your-dad's wine club hosts regular wine-pairing events throughout San Diego.