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Modern Times Debuts First Sours; Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey Launch New Line

A first sour release and a new beer line for established breweries.

Photo via Modern Times Beer
Photo via Modern Times Beer

Point Loma's Modern Times Beer is finally ready to release its inaugural bottling of a new line of sour beers that go on sale online on Thursday, December 4. Sour beer expert Mike Tonsmeire, dubbed The Mad Fermentationist, who joined the brewery in its infancy, is behind the five beers, which include an Oud Bruid, Flanders Red, and peach, nectarine and Cabernet grape sours. After a 15-month rest in red wine barrels, the beers will be available for pick-up at their main production facility, the Lomaland Fermatorium, on Thursday, December 11th starting at noon, when the brewery will also host a release party.

Port Brewing Company and The Lost Abbey will be adding another member to their beer family. The related brands just announced that they will introduce an all-new line called The Hop Concept Brewing (THC for short), that employs various hop combos and experimental varieties in its brews. The quarterly IPA series will launch in February with Dank and Sticky IPA, followed by Citrus and Piney, Lemon and Grassy and finally Tropical and Juicy in November; designed to be enjoyed as fresh as possible, the beers will release in limited availability via bottle and draft. Matt Webster, head brewery for Port and The Lost Abbey, will lead their team in the production of the new beers.