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A New Sake and Beer Brewery Ramps Up for San Marcos Debut

Beer should be flowing by the end of the month.

Photo via Kuracali's blog

The area's first beer brewery and sake winery under one roof (though per the California ABC, the two booze-making spaces are separated by a wall) is nearing completion in San Marcos. Though the process has taken longer than expected, we just got news that Kuracali will likely soft open in the next few weeks.

Owner/brewer Charles Perkins, who by day is an network engineer and supercomputer administrator, says that they just received their brewers notice and will have a sweet stout ready to go for the tasting room launch. Other beer releases will include a cream ale and a robust porter.

Perkins says it'll be a few months until Kuracali can grand open and debut their first locally-produced sake, a junmai ginjo. The long-range plan is to make several premium ginjo-grade sakes, both clear and unfiltered, and employ sake yeast in the beer-brewing process.