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Gaslamp Tavern Remodeling, Building New Upstairs Craft Beer Concept

Downtown gets a new craft beer hub.

After nearly ten years downtown, Gaslamp Tavern is getting a makeover. The sports bar is currently undergoing a refresh that will modernize its look and beef up its bar area, with the plan to reopen on March 1.

When the bar reopens, it'll have a new upstairs neighbor. Owner Joe Stewart, along with partners Todd Ferrari and John Carey, is building a new 5,000-square-foot eatery that will be dedicated to local craft beer.

Stewart's longtime friend, The Lost Abbey's Tomme Arthur, has been serving as a mentor to the project and even suggested its name, Quad Ale House.

Aiming to be the Gaslamp's first serious craft beer bar, Quad Ale House also has the The Brew Project's Beau Schmitt on board to help curate its 28 taps and train the staff on beer service.

Consulting chef Brandon Brooks, who has cooked at a number of craft beer-centric spots around town, says his menu for the Quad will be a healthier take on barbecue, with five house-cooked meats which will be served in a sandwich, on a salad salad or on a plate with classic side dishes. There's an achiote-braised brisket sandwich with gruyere, crispy fried onions, roasted tomato, mustard greens and a horseradish and mustard aioli and a house-roasted herb and garlic chicken.

Brooks has also designed a new menu for Gaslamp Tavern, updated comfort food dishes that range from orange chicken wings, a pork burger and a vegan mushroom banh mi.

Gaslamp Tavern

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