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Revolving Sushi Bar Concept Rolling Into San Diego

Sushi via conveyor belt is coming.

Photo via Facebook

Ready to hop aboard the sushi-go-round? Kula Revolving Sushi Bar, a Los Angeles-based chain that specializes in conveyor belt, or kaiten, sushi is opening its first local restaurant.

With all of San Diego's conveyor belt sushi options now closed, Kula fills the novelty sushi gap; the 2,600-square-foot space at 4609 Convoy Street, now-vacated by Mey Lee Oriental Imports, is being renovated into an eatery in which all seats will be arm's length from a constantly moving belt stocked with a steady stream of Japanese dishes.

The menu ranges from nigiri sushi to rolls and sides, with each dish coming in around $2.25; the restaurant calculates your tab by the number of finished plates stacked at your table.

According to a source, Kula will be opening in San Diego in early 2015.