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Little Italy Juice Bar to Expand to Hillcrest and La Jolla

Flooding the zone, with juice.

Juice Crafters, which opened last week on India Street, is kicking off a local expansion that'll put at least six stores in San Diego.

Ilan Mit, founder of the Los Angeles-based company, says the next locations to launch will be in Hillcrest (401 University Ave.) and La Jolla (935 Silverado St.); they'll each open within a month or so and will both be larger than the Little Italy outpost.

The Little Italy shop is offering 50% off during its soft opening phase, which should run for a couple more weeks; the menu-to-order cold pressed organic juice, acai bowls and smoothies that range from the Oh Yes! with kale, coconut water, pineapple, orange and banana to Tropix, which blends watermelon, apple and mint.

Juice Crafters
1740 India Street
San Diego, CA 92101