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Phil's BBQ Owner Wants to Buy the Harvey Milk's American Diner Space

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It wouldn't become a Phil's BBQ, but rather some other mysterious concept.

Photo via Facebook

Harvey Milk's American Diner in Hillcrest abruptly shuttered a few weeks ago after being open for just over a year, and a rumor quickly surfaced that the space would be taken over by Phil's BBQ. Now, it appears that rumor's got legs: 10News reports that "the owner of the popular Phil's BBQ restaurants is in talks to purchase" the restaurant, though "it would not be a Phil's BBQ location."

In regards to the diner's closing, the director of the area business association speculated to U-T San Diego that the restaurant's LGBT-centric name "only catered to a niche audience, limiting customer base." The building's previous tenant, the iconic City Deli, served the neighborhood New York-style Jewish deli fare for nearly thirty years before it was sold, revamped, and renamed.