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S&M Sausage and Meat Launches Carnivore Den

S&M owner Scott Slater and Chef Mark Younggren are set to debut their new exotic meat restaurant at Park Boulevard and the East Village.

S&M Sausage and Meat will start carving carnivore-friendly options in University Heights on Nov. 4.

To celebrate the 2pm opening on Election Day, customers donning their "I Voted" sticker can say their "safe word"--either congressional candidate Carl [DeMaio] or Scott [Peters]--and receive two free strips of bacon.

The 3,200-square-foot eatery conceived by Scott Slater (Slater's 50/50plans to focus on exotic game meats and house made sausages, charcuterie and bacon. Get taste buds watering now with a peek of the menu online.

Chef Mark Younggren concocted some "naughty alter egos" of popular dishes, including Venison Lasagna, Antelope Andouille, Kangaroo sausage, Pulled Rabbit Poutine, Pig Ears, Python, and Beaver Tacos.

New details are emerging on its second (and smaller) incarnation at The Quartyard, a pop-up marketplace for beer, food, coffee and live music operating out of recycled shipping containers on Market Street.

S&M director of operations Justin Frank tells Eater the team is hoping for a mid-December opening. He admits that debuting two restaurants in two months is "going to be a little chaotic and crazy."

The menu will be a pared down version of the Park Boulevard locale, with a focus on the sausages.

The S&M crew visited popular sausage establishments across the country for inspiration to serve rare meat combos. The result? He promises a twist on traditional fare and "stuff you've never even heard of."

"Instead of meatballs it's venison meatballs. Instead of egg rolls, duck egg rolls," Frank says.

Vegetarian lovers aren't left out, thanks to options like BBB Salad (blueberry, bacon and brussels sprouts) and a S&MPBJ sandwich (cashew butter, jalepeño jam, plantain, and brown sugar bacon).

The bar inside's got its own name (Swine Bar) with quirky cocktails like Lunch in Holland (caraway seed-infused Bols Genever, dill, brown sugar syrup, pickle spear) and Up in Smoke (Xicaru Mezcal, agave syryp, fresh lime, Aztec chocolate bitters and Mexican chocolate).

Expect a curved wooden ceiling and communal dining tables dotted with colorful classroom-style chairs and tip slots. And there's also Nic Cage art, since Slater is a big fan.

A take-home market counter displays fresh exotic sausages, house made bacon, charcuterie, and S&M private label sauces.

S&M is open Monday through Thursday 11am-11pm; Friday 11am-midnight; Saturday 11am-midnight; Sunday 11am-11pm. Breakfast is slated to debut in 2015.

S&M Sausage and Meat

4130 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 344-2177