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Miramar's New 32 North Brewing Co. Looks to Forge Uncharted Beer Path

"Out of the ordinary" brews are promised.

The latest entry into Miramar's craft beer landscape is 32 North Brewing Co., whose grand opening weekend kicks off today at 5 p.m.

Founder Steve Peterson says 32 North wants to make beer for adventurous palates and highlight lesser-seen styles; to that end, he brought on head brewer John Hunter (White Labs, Mission Brewery), who also developed several speciality beers during his time with Karl Strauss Brewing Company, including their popular Peanut Butter Cup Porter and a pomegranate-infused Imperial Berlinerweisse.

A berlinerweisse will be one of 32 North's core beers, which also include a pale ale, milk stout and an IPA. The brewery will endeavor to release an additional 4 to 5 new beers every month; in the works is an English mild with toasted coconut and an version of Hunter's peanut butter porter recipe.

The 10,000-square-foot brewery houses a 10-BBL brewhouse, with 2,500-square-feet dedicated to a tasting room with a 12-tap, 1 cask bar that'll be open from noon to 10 p.m. daily. A few days a week, a local German sausage company will be stationed at the tasting room to serve lunch and dinner.

Peterson told Eater that they plan to distribute the beer throughout San Diego and Orange County to start, and will bottle and can the beer as soon as possible, and says another 5,000-square-feet of production space is available if they need to meet demand.

32 North Brewing Co.
8655 Production Ave Suite A,
San Diego, California 92121