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Edible, Sweet Snow Now Being Shaved at Convoy's New Iceskimo

The dessert shop opens today.

Today marks the debut of Iceskimo's new Convoy Street storefront; the former pop-up's first brick-and-mortar shaved snow shop will be open seven days a week, starting at noon.

Owner Robert Yang says he's hoping to set Iceskimo apart from other similar concepts through the quality of his snow, which is made from scratch using whole ingredients and hand shaved into soft, melt-in-your-mouth frozen ribbons. Six core snows - original, strawberry, green tea, lychee, black sesame and salted caramel - will be available, in addition to special, seasonal flavors.

The sleek and modern shop, located in the same complex as Dumpling Inn and the upcoming Shanghai Saloon, has 15 seats and a DIY toppings bar stocked with everything from fruit, nuts and granola to mochi, grass jelly and red beans, and "drizzles" that include condensed milk, chocolate syrup and fruit purees; each regular or large customizable serving of snow is priced according to weight, $.48 per ounce.

Yang, who says he may expand the menu to include beverages and other snacks, plans to open more locations next year both in San Diego and outside the market

4609 Convoy St Suite B
San Diego, CA 92111