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Malahat Spirits Co's Tasting Room Now Pouring

If you like rum, this is your new favorite place.

Photo: Bradley Schweit

Malahat Spirits Co.'s handsome new tasting room is officially open and the Miramar area distillery just shared what they're pouring for $15, which gets you a keeper glass and six quarter-ounce samples of their current spirits.

The tasting includes white rum, spiced rum and ginger rum, which have all been bottled, plus a iced tea-infused rum that's only available at the distillery. There will also be previews of releases to come, from an aged rum that's currently maturing in cabernet barrels to a white whiskey that's on its way to becoming bourbon.

The distillery's now open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from noon to 5:30 p.m., with group appointments available on other days.

Malahat Spirits Co.
8706 Production Avenue
San Diego,CA 92121
(858) 999-2326