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Ballast Point Does "Taco Shop" Spirits, After-Dinner Drink

Now that their distillery's tasting room is up and running, prepare your glass for deluge of new Ballast Point spirits, scheduled to be released in quick succession over the next several months.

More bottles of their award-winning single malt whiskey and bourbon are hitting local store shelves, where they'll be soon be joined by a line of flavored Fugu vodka inspired by San Diego taco shops. The naturally-flavored vodka sippers will be available in horchata, jamaica, pina and habanero and should be out within a month.

Eater also taste-tested a new digestif that distillery founder Yuseff Cherneyand lead distiller Derek Kermode are perfecting, an anise-forward after-dinner drink with notes of cinnamon and fennel and a dark roasted malt color; it's reminiscent of both ouzo and Jägermeister. Due in March, it'll be called Opa.

This April, they'll release a "barrel-rested" version (aged for 50 days) of their Old Grove gin. Also on tap, a spiced rum and schnapps in both fruit and beer flavors, made on the distillery's new German schnapps still.
· Ballast Point Spirits [Official Site]

Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits

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