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Anthony Sinsay Back With Malarkey, Heading to LA

San Diego may soon be missing a good chef; FoodbuzzSD has a hunch that Anthony Sinsay will be heading to Los Angeles to work on the Enlightened Hospitality Group's new restaurant in the Mondrian Hotel, which was recently confirmed to be another iteration of the EHGRP's Herringbone concept.

Though no official word has been released, multiple sources indicate that Sinsay is back in with Brian Malarkey.

The chef left the group's Burlap in Del Mar back in June when it was announced that they would be swapping it for another Searsucker. He spent a short stint at Little Italy's La Villa but is no longer there as of this past weekend.

Demolition is just beginning at LA's Herringbone, which will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and oversee room service, so perhaps we'll see Sinsay pop up in a local EHGRP kitchen in the interim.

UPDATE: A rep from EHGRP has confirmed to us that Sinsay will be the new chef de cuisine of Herringbone LA. Brian Malarkey plans to be the restaurant's hands-on executive chef and anticipates being in Los Angeles four to six days a week.
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