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Download the EATER APP, Now With More Cities

Have you downloaded the super-shiny, uber-handy Eater App available in the iTunes Store and the Play Store? Seriously, do not waste another second. Get the Eater App for iPhone and the Eater App for Android. The Eater App has been downloaded tens of thousands of times, and v1.1 was just released. This update offers improved performance along with tons of content for cities not previously covered by the Eater App.

Alright, so what's that now residing on your smartphone or tablet? Nothing short of the best way to find the hottest and most essential restaurants in America's most vital food cities. Where should you eat tonight? Eater App knows.

· Find Eater 38 and Eater Heatmap restaurants in your vicinity via GPS.
· See lists of all Eater 38s and hotspots in dozens of U.S. cities.
· Get phone numbers, addresses, and directions right when they're needed.
· Read the latest Eater stories from all Eater cities, and add comments.

You'll never struggle to find the very best eating in America's top dining cities again. Eater App. Now and forever.
· Download Eater App iOS [iTunes Store, iOS 5+]
· Download Eater App Android [Play Store, Android 4+]