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Don't Miss Out on Patrón Secret Dining Society

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Step into the unique world of Patrón Secret Dining Society, and prepare your senses for a completely new dining experience. This isn't your stereotypical big-city meal. Past venues for this expertly curated event include the likes of Busch Stadium in St. Louis, NYC's Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion, and Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art. Pairing world-renowned chefs—like Marcus Samuelsson and Michelle Bernstein—with top-notch mixologists, Patrón Tequila puts on an irreplaceable dining experience.

On September 26, the next Patrón Secret Dining Society announcement will be revealed. If the event is in your city, you'll have a chance to snag a coveted seat at the table. Remember, you must be a member of Patrón Social Club to attend. Even if the dinner isn't in your city, you can still gain access to a bevy of other prizes.

Don't miss out. Sign up here. >>