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A Beer Wish Comes True, Toronado To Expand

We've got some great news for you: there will soon be lots more elbow room at Toronado in North Park.

Open since 2008, this 30th Street offshoot of the legendary San Francisco beer bar is expanding by taking over an adjacent space which previously housed a thrift shop.

A sticker-covered wall inside, just to the right of the current entrance, will be knocked down and the bar extended to add 15 to 20 seats. Though Toronado won't be increasing the number of taps (50+ is enough, right?), they will be putting in more walk-in coolers for beer bottles. The new section will also be dotted with tables that jut out from the wall, much like the original Haight Street location. Enlarging the back patio area is also a possibility.

Chef Nate Soroko says that he hopes the expansion will add more kitchen space, and plans on revamping their menu to coincide with the buildout.

Toronado's owner, Ian Black, initially intended to have the expansion up and running by San Diego Beer Week, but is now expecting the project to be completed by January.
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Toronado San Diego

4026 30th St San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 282-0456