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Stone Brewing Co's Greg Koch To Be Shorn For Charity

Do you remember what Stone Brewing Co. CEO and co-founder, Greg Koch, looks like under the thicket of facial hair that he's been culivating for two years?

Koch promises to show his clean-shaven face again, if he can rally enough donations to his Movember campaign to raise awareness for men's health issues. The ultimate goal is $25,000, but if he raises $15,000 by November 1, the beard's coming off at Quality Social's Save the Date event.

In addition to Koch's live "shave-down", which will leave him with a mustache "that'll probably be reminiscent of a bad 70's album cover", other Movember participants will be able to indulge in a free shave from Flyod's Barber Shop, as well as food and drink specials.
· Quality Social [Official Site]
· Greg Koch's Movember Page [Official Site]

Quality Social

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