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Alchemy Turns Lemons Into Lemonade With Miracle Berry

You may have heard of the flavor-changing miracle berry. The fruit, most commonly found in tablet form, has a protein that causes sour things to taste sweet. It burst onto the food scene a few years ago and if you have foodie friends, you might have gone to a miracle berry tasting and tripped your tongue out.

Now, Alchemy Cultural Fare & Cocktails seems to be the first San Diego restaurant to employ the miracle berry on its menu. Executive chef Ricardo Heredia is a big fan of the berry's potential as an all-natural sugar alternative; he's been testing recipes for five years and recently debuted a chef's cocktail that serves a dose of powdered tablet (just freeze-dried berry and potato starch) as a precursor to a mouth-puckering mix of citrus, bitters and vodka.

Heredia has introduced a new dessert, a tangy sugarless cheesecake made with cream cheese, yogurt, lemon, vanilla and a sherry vinegar reduction and served with a coffee bean cookie. The miracle berry, whose sweetening properties last for 15-20 minutes, rounds out the sharp edges of the dish and trick your tongue into thinking you're eating a traditional cheesecake. It'll likely be featured in Alchemy's segment on an upcoming episode of the Cooking Channel's "Chuck's Eat the Street", which recently filmed at various 30th Street locations.
· Alchemy Cultural Fare & Cocktails [Official Site]

Alchemy Cultural Fare & Cocktails

1503 30th St San Diego, CA 92102 (619) 255-0616