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BO-beau Kitchen + Garden Replaces Gingham in La Mesa

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[Photos: Candice Woo]

Downtown La Mesa will soon be saying bienvenue to BO-beau Kitchen + Garden, which takes the place of since-shuttered Gingham.

The Cohn Restaurant Group has had their eye on the space for a while, prior to the restaurateurs' near-purchase of Gingham late last year; Philippe Beltran, the CRG's chief design collaborator, told Eater that the group looked into developing the space even before the Enlightened Hospitality Group snagged it for their "Fabric of Social Dining" portfolio.

Beltran, who says his specialty is creating "neighborhood restaurants", is currently endeavoring to soften the room's industrial edges with artwork and greenery; in addition to new banquettes and communal tables for the bi-level dining room, he's installing a sitting parlor for cozy effect.

A sun room/bar leads into an outdoor area, which aims to accommodate the community's needs. On one side will be traditional patio seating and a proposed private dining room; on the other, picnic benches and playground area (a la South Park's Station Tavern) should be an attraction for local families.

The menu is in development, but there will be some dishes familiar to fans of Ocean Beach's BO-beau Kitchen + Bar. La Mesa's BO-beau Kitchen + Garden plans to be open by late September.
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