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Jen Queen Now Rules the Bar at Saltbox Downtown

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If you're a local cocktail aficionado, chances are you've had the pleasure of a Jen Queen-crafted drink.

The San Diego bartender created the list for downtown's La Puerta and Monello in Little Italy (their house vermouth is her invention), mixed things up at Prepkitchen on India Street, and as part of a bartender trio, the Queen-Conor-Ward Collective, designed the drinks at Gaijin and Puesto.

Queen is now charged with heading up the bar program at Hotel Palomar's Saltbox Dining & Drinking, where she's making some operational changes in addition to honing a new fall cocktail menu.

Prime your palates for her take on a creamless-White Russian, made with Portuguese milk liqueur, and a rendition of the classic Corn N' Oil which Queen reconstructs by cold smoking a cocoa and molasses-infused anejo rum and mixing that with house made falernum. Think of it as a rum and coke, only better.
· Saltbox Dining & Drinking [Official Site]

Saltbox Dining & Drinking

1047 5th Ave San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 515-3003