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What's Your Favorite Greasy Spoon?

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Lucky's by Candice Woo

Here in the Eaterverse, we're on the cusp of Greasy Spoon Week which will spotlight the best of San Diego hole-in-the-wall diners and cafes that harken back to another era and serve up good, no-frills food.

So won't you tell us about your favorite greasy spoon and what you love to eat there?

And feel free to a shout-out to that longtime cook/waitress/dishwasher that gives the place character and keeps you coming back. Let's give these old school stalwarts a chance to shine.

Leave your thoughts on local greasy spoons in the comments, or hit us up on the tipline if you're feeling shy.

Eater San Diego's heading off to enjoy the holiday but we'll see you soon; be safe and eat well!