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Who is San Diego's Most Underrated Chef?

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Upper L: Olivier Bioteau; Upper R: Jaison Burke; Lower L: Fred Piehl; Lower R: Gregory Chavez

When we posed this question earlier in the week, we got a few nominees...Farm House Cafe's chef and owner Olivier Bioteau, Jaison Burke from The Pearl in Point Loma and Gregory Chavez, the new chef at the Wine Vault & Bistro. A shy reader mailed in their pick, The Smoking Goat's chef/owner Fred Piehl. Is your favorite underrated chef one of these faces or do you have someone else in mind?

Now, we're welcoming you to a Friday Open Thread that asks again, Who is San Diego's Most Underrated Chef?

Who's your favorite unsung chef? What head cook toils humbly in his or her kitchen while others in town get the big accolades? Which chef is deserving of more glory?

Leave the name of your chef of choice in the comments; we'll pick some of the top vote-getters for an interview feature on Eater.