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Convoy Update: Shaved Iced & New Korean Eats

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Photo: Jenne Bergstrom

Our friends at Convoy Conquest sent us a dispatch about what's new over in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood.

Ice Blast, a new Hawaiian shaved ice shop has opened 4206 Convoy Street next to the awesomely named Hair Duck. Everyday Eats took a taste of a few of their 20-plus flavors; during their Monday through Wednesday 1 to 4 p.m. happy hour, they offer mini-sized shaved ice for $1.

A Korean lounge called Nolbu has come in at 4633 Convoy St. There's small food menu but the emphasis is on drinking here; they offer local craft beer and flavored soju, including a watermelon version that's served in half a hollowed-out melon.

Another favorite blog, mmm-yoso, noticed that Korea House is now called Blue Korea House and that another Korean market, called U Mart, is going into the space vacated by Zion Market (4611 Mercury St.)

And Eater's still trying to suss out more info on the spicy Chinese restaurant that'll replace the now-shuttered Korean BBQ chicken.