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Welcome to Eater's Greasy Spoons Week

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For the next five days, Eater will be shining a light on some of the affordable, accessible, comfort food-focused eateries in San Diego for our first-ever Greasy Spoons Week.

Every day, interspersed with our regularly scheduled breaking food news, we'll share stories about our favorite no-frills restaurants; you'll meet some of the people who work at these low-key eateries, look inside an old school greasy spoon, hear where chefs go to satisfy their diner food cravings and more.

But we can't do it all alone — we need your help. Do you have a fondness for diner in your neighborhood? A favorite waitress at your local lunch counter? Share your recommendations for greasy spoons and the dishes that they serve; hit up the tipline, or drop your recommendations in the comments.

Here's our question of the day. What diner, coffee shop or greasy spoon makes the best club sandwich in town?