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Bottlecraft Beer Shop Owner Takes The Linkery Space

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Brian Jensen, owner of the Bottlecraft bottle shops in Little Italy and North Park, is making his first foray into restaurant ownership. San Diego Magazine is reporting that he'll making some design changes to The Linkery once it shutters to make way for a new eatery called Waypoint Public.

Though the space's proprietor is changing, it sounds like the core concept for food may not. Jensen plans to keep the focus on sausages and charcuterie but says it'll have a "simpler menu" than The Linkery.

UPDATE: Eater reached out to Jay Porter, owner of The Linkery, to ask why he chose to sell to Jensen. Porter says, "Brian's a local guy who does great work and really cares about quality. I know his place will be both world-class and successful,
and I believe it will be a strong contribution to the community of North Park."

Waypoint Public is scheduled to reopen in September and Eater's hearing that Jensen is hoping to keep some of The Linkery's staff through the transition.

And there's still time to say goodbye to The Linkery; this is the restaurant's last weekend and they'll serve their final dinner on Monday, July 15.
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[Photo: Chris Rov Costa]

Waypoint Public

3794 30th Street, , CA 92104 (619) 255-8778 Visit Website

Waypoint Public

3794 30th St San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 255-8778