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A Young Guns Eve Update: Liquid Nitrogen

Requests from chefs cooking at Eater Young Guns Eve party are rolling in, and none has gotten us more excited than liquid nitrogen. And what they are doing with this stuff made us pass out with joy.

If you come to Young Guns Eve, you'll be able to get your hands on foie gras lollipops from one chef and meyer lemon and tapioca bites of heaven from another. Thank you science! Just imagine indulging in these tastes at the gorgeous LACMA with a Bombay Sapphire East gin cocktail in hand. For real.

These Young Guns are not phoning this in. They are coming prepped to impress. On June 23rd, there will be innovation, there will be experimentation, there will be music, there will be liquor, there will be greatness.

Get your tickets to witness history. >>