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Malarkey To Unravel Burlap, Turn It Into Searsucker

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Burlap, courtesy photo

The U-T's reporting that Burlap, the Del Mar thread in the Fabric of Social Dining network, is closing on June 10 to undergo a remodel that'll fashion it into a North County version of Brian Malarkey's Searsucker.

The transformation should be completed by July 17, in time to capitalize on the Del Mar Racetrack crowds. Burlap's Anthony Sinsay, the chef behind the restaurant's "West meet East", Asian-influenced cuisine, is reportedly staying on in the kitchen. Rumor has it that Burlap's staff is being made to reapply for their jobs at Searsucker.

James Brennan, the CEO of Enlightened Hospitality Group, said that the company has been seeing what sticks, and that they'd always intended to "...test-drive different concepts and narrow it down."

This news comes on heels of the shutter of their Gingham restaurant in La Mesa. Should we assume that Point Loma's Gabardine is next in line for an overhaul, or more likely, just to be thinned from the herd?

Meanwhile, the just-opened Searsucker in Austin is temporarily shut down due to a kitchen fire and expected to reopen later this week.
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12995 El Camino Real #21 Del Mar, CA 92130 (858) 369-5700