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UnderBelly To Undergo Quick Expansion & Menu Boost

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UnderBelly is finally moving forward with the expansion project that was originally planned last fall. Why the delay? Consortium Holdings has been a wee bit busy keeping up with their other venues and the dual opening of Soda & Swine and Polite Provisions.

But Underbelly officially closed today for a quick build-out; a post on their Facebook page says they'll reopen on Monday, June 10.

The expansion will create an upstairs dining area with 16 additional seats, and Consortium's chef, Jason McLeod, has been working on a new menu that'll offer steamed buns, chicken wings, and an assortment of rice bowls in addition to UnderBelly's ramen.

They'll also debut a Japanese whiskey program— no cocktails, just straight sipping spirits.
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750 W Fir St San Diego, California 92101 (619) 269-4626