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American Voodoo's Bewitching Hour Draws Near

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Photo: Candice Woo

Eater readers have been wondering what the holdup is on the launch of Park Boulevard's American Voodoo.

We've been wondering too, so we caught up with co-owner Joshua Hamlin and the American Voodoo team for an update.

The curio-laden interior of the space is ready to go, and there are so many treasures about that Eater is anticipating an eventual Shit People Steal story to come out of this location.

Hamlin says they're still awaiting their beer and wine license, which could take another 60 days to come through. American Voodoo is debating whether to open without it, but in the meantime they're finalizing their southern-style menu that'll have a California twist.
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American Voodoo

4655 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92116 619-255-8504

American Voodoo

4655 Park Blvd, San Diego, California 92116 (619) 219-4943