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Meet Chef's Roll, a Cook's New Best Friend

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Give a warm welcome to Chef's Roll, a new online network that aims to be a comprehensive resource to the entire culinary world, whether it's students needing apprenticeships, cook seeking jobs or chefs who just want to share what they do and don't have the benefit of a public relations team or a high-profile kitchen gig. Chefs can curate their own page and post photos of their food, videos, links to press and past cooking gigs. And restaurants will also be able create their own profiles and post job opportunities for new talent.

Founded by two San Diegans, Thomas Keslinke and Frans van der Lee, the Chef's Roll platform just soft launched and is currently building a core group of Founding Chefs profiles from across the nation, including local chefs Andrew Spurgin, Jennifer Costa (AR Valentien) and Bernard Guillas (The Marine Room). In August, they'll open the site up to all joiners and hope to swiftly grow the network globally.

Consulting chef Spurgin calls it "a game changer across the board for the culinary industry. Finally, a kitchen brigade can showcase their body of work and take pride in the ownership of it."

· Chef's Roll [Official Site]