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Caffe Calabria To Bring Frozen Treats To 30th St.

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While Caffe Calabria is moving slowly but surely forward with plans to build out a brewery in the basement of their North Park cafe, owner Arne Holt is adding another project to his plate.

Holt tells Eater that he wants to carve out a corner in the space for a new gelateria. He intends to cover over a stairwell located just inside the front doors of the cafe, where the wood for their pizza oven is currently stored, and install a gelato case. It'll open up onto the 30th Street sidewalk, much like the gelaterias that dot every Italian city. Initially, the gelato will be sourced elsewhere, but the possibility of making the sweet treat in-house remains.
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Caffe Calabria

3933 30th St San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 291-1759