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Sam the Cooking Guy Takes On Radio

Sam Zien, also known as Sam the Cooking Guy, has announced that he'll sharing his dulcet tones on a new weekly radio show for 760 KFMB. The busy television cook, who livecasts a cooking show from his home kitchen three times a week, will now also host "Eat This!" on the radio airwaves.

Zien tells Eater that "Eat This! will be a lot like supermarket conversations I have almost every day...people asking for ideas on what to make for dinner or even just needing a culinary kick-in-the-ass for motivation. Cooking is a little intimidating for many people; I'm clearly not a trained chef, but have found a way to demystify cooking and make it casually understandable."

What will the radio show cover? Zien says he'll be chatting about grilling, brunch, and cocktails but that he'll also spend time taking calls and answering questions. His goal? To have people cooking and eating better at home.
· Sam the Cooking Guy [Official Site]