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How Can We Help You Eat Better?

Happy Friday, it's time to hear from you! Have a question you'd like discussed among Eater readers? Send it here.
sakura.jpg[Sakura by mmm-yoso via The Eater San Diego Flickr Pool]

Here's your chance to have Eater San Diego do your bidding. We want to know what you want, food and drink-wise, so that we can give it to you. Are you searching for a definitive list of the best Asian noodle dishes, the most fiery foods or the ultimate sunny day cocktails? Need the scoop on San Diego's best beer bars or the top places to power lunch?

This is your Friday Open Thread, tell us what kinds of food, beer, wine or cocktail lineups you'd like us to curate just for you.

After going through your suggestions, we'll get to work on some handy dandy maps of San Diego's best food and drinks, so leave your requests in the comments or send them via the tipline. We're looking forward to hearing from you.