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L.A. Music Promoter Reportedly Purchases Anthology

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Photo: Candice Woo

After a tumultuous shutter followed by much buyer speculation, Eater San Diego's heard from a reliable source that Anthology has been sold.

Los Angeles-based Thaddeus Hunter Smith has reportedly purchased the Little Italy concert venue. Smith's well known in the L.A. music biz; he transformed The Music Box, a historic 1920's building on Hollywood Boulevard, into a vibrant music and event space and continued to manage the venue after music promoter Goldenvoice (who created Coachella) took it over in 2012 and renamed it The Fonda Theatre.

There's no word yet on when shows might restart or what Smith plans for the food, though it'll perhaps be craft beer-focused; the popular beer bar, Blue Palms Brewhouse, currently resides in the lobby of The Fonda Theatre.
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1337 India St San Diego, CA 92101