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From Baja To Burgers; Hubcap's Now Open

[Photos: Chris Rov Costa]

On Monday night, just minutes after the last plates had been cleared, the team behind El Take It Easy set to work transforming the space into their new burger concept, Hubcap, which had its first test drive last night. Going forward, the restaurant will be open at 5 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.

The general layout of the space hasn't changed much but the interior is brighter, thanks to a coat of white paint and metal-covered tabletops; panels fitted into the open cutouts in the front wall now fold down to create tables for outdoor dining. And a jukebox is arriving shortly. One change is that reservations are no longer taken, it's a seat-yourself kind of place, though there is table service.

The new menu centers around their grass fed beef burger (cooked rare unless otherwise requested) which comes with classic fixings and their "fluffy cheese spread", a mix of cheddar and blue; henceforth, fries will cooked in animal fat (last night's batch was sizzled in pork fat). There's also a potato-based vegetarian burger flavored with crushed Fritos. Once the new eatery gets its footing, their Monday night pop-up's will resume.
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